Black on Both Sides

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レーベル:Priority Records
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  1. Fear Not Of Man
  2. Hip Hop
  3. Love
  4. Ms. Fat Booty
  5. Speed Law
  6. Do It Now
  7. Got
  8. Umi Says
  9. New World Water
  10. Rock N Roll
  11. Know That
  12. Climb
  13. Brooklyn
  14. Habitat
  15. Mr. Nigga
  16. Mathematics
  17. May-December
Black on Both Sides is a manifestation of compelling, honest hip-hop. The genre's underground torchbearer, the mighty Mos Def (half of Black Star), injects intellect, humour, and knowledge into all of his rhymes. Overall, the album has an understated quality, but pure enjoyment comes with discovering the clever lyrical gems Mos drops. The expansiveness of his mindstate is showcased best on "New World Water", in which he fully represents our uses of, needs for, and exploitation of water. On "Ms. Fat Booty", a love tale with unexpected twists is woven intricately around Aretha Franklin's wailing vocals. Whether rapping, singing, or lecturing, Mos Def is firmly rooted in African American consciousness and examines social issues with great ease. Black on Both Sides will endure for many years; it's an album worthy of numerous listens. --Celine Wong