Welcome to the Beautiful South

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  1. Song For Whoever
  2. Have You Ever Been Away?
  3. From Under The Covers
  4. I'll Sail This Ship Alone
  5. Girlfriend
  6. Straight In At 37
  7. You Keep It All In
  8. Woman In The Wall
  9. Oh Blackpool
  10. Love Is...
  11. I Love You (But You're Boring)
The Housemartins used crazily bouncing melodies to sweeten their political pop. After they broke up after just two albums, P.D. Heaton tried a similar technique with the Beautiful South--lush melodies, rolling piano, and beautiful voices sugar-coating delightfully subversive lyrics. Only where the Housemartins railed against bankers and unthinking sheep, the Beautiful South moved from the political to the personal (except for some delicious swipes at the music biz), writing gorgeous love songs to dull partners ("I Love You But You're Boring"), gruesome murders ("Woman in the Wall"), and conversation fear ("You Keep It All In"). Funnier still is "Song for Whoever," which reveals the man behind the love song: "Oh Shirley, Oh Deborah, Oh Julie, Oh Jane/I wrote so many songs about you/I forget your name." --David Daley