Soul To Soul

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  1. Little Wing
  2. Third Stone From The Sun
  3. Say What!
  4. Lookin' Out The Window
  5. Look At Little Sister
  6. Ain't Gone 'N' Give Up On Love
  7. Gone Home
  8. Change It
  9. You'll Be Mine
  10. Empty Arms
  11. Come On
  12. Life Without You
  13. SRV Speaks
  14. Little Wing/Third Stone From The Sun
  15. Slip Slidin' Slim
Arguably the finest blues guitarist of his generation, Wisconsin-born Stevie Ray Vaughan initially learnt his chops on his brother--and Fabulous Thunderbirds' mainstay--Jimmie's hand-me-down guitars whilst glued to the works of Albert King and Lonnie Mack. After honing his skills in the late 70s with a variety of lacklustre combos, he was headhunted by David Bowie for 1983's Let's Dance tour, but left early to concentrate on his solo work. On this, his third album, Vaughan's virtuosity is both augmented and accentuated by Double Trouble, a backing band of rare competence, finally allowed to shine after having played a singularly supportive role to Stevie on earlier efforts. From the throbbing mid-tempo blues grooves of "Say What", through the barroom shuffle of "Look At Little Sister" to the head-spinning, flying-finger dexterity of "Empty Arms", Soul To Soul stands as a fitting epitaph to a true master of the blues. --Ian Fortnam