Dressed to Kill

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  1. The Shower (Theme From 'Dressed To Kill')
  2. The Museum
  3. The Note
  4. Filight From Bobbi
  5. Death In The Elevator
  6. Liz And Peter/A Romantic Interlude
  7. The Erotic Story
  8. The Transformation/The Storm/The Revelation
  9. Kate's Confession
  10. The Forgotten Ring/The Murder
  11. The Cab
  12. The Asylum/The Nightmare
  13. Finale
Released at the height of the post-Halloween slasher movie cycle, Brian De Palma's Dressed To Kill was assailed by feminists as repellently misogynistic and condemned by critics as a derivative re-hash of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and Vertigo. Nevertheless, carried by strong performances from Michael Caine and Nancy Allen, it became one of the director's most successful films. A significant factor must be Pino Donaggio's lush and sensuous score. Donaggio made his debut with the classic Don't Look Now, immediately demonstrating an ability to portray the transgressive territory where danger and desire change places. He brought the same sensibility to De Palma's Carrie, refining it further for Dressed To Kill, crafting music of an elegant, sensual grace, a pristine persona covering a refined and polished malevolence. Almost subliminally erotic female voices sigh over the beguilingly dream-like main theme, leading to the sinuous, labyrinthine "The Museum" and onward into an entrancing darkness, a melodic nightmare masque with a paradoxical fairytale lustre. This is horror with the most charming face imaginable, and is all the more deadly for it. Besides maintaining a prolific career in Italian cinema, Donaggio has since written highly effective scores for Palma's Blow Out, Body Double and Raising Cain. --Gary S. Dalkin

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