Hope Is Important

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  1. You've Lost Your Way
  2. A Film For The Future
  3. Paint Nothing
  4. When I Argue I See Shapes
  5. 4 People Do Good
  6. I'm Happy To Be Here Tonight
  7. Everyone Says You're So Fragile
  8. I'm A Message
  9. You Don't Have The Heart
  10. Close The Door
  11. Safe And Sound
  12. Low Light
Though heavy, distorted guitars have fallen out of favor with the mainstream crowd, the Indie Rock Nation (a benevolent army of bands bent on making vital, original music) hasn't lost the love for a good loud guitar. Idlewild don't exactly bludgeon their way through Hope Is Important--there are plenty of dynamics--but the 12 songs are, in fact, filled with powerful, surging guitars that sit quite comfortably alongside some nice, understated vocal hooks. There is a youthful exuberance and freshness to this record that would definitely make it a favorite among the emocore crowd. Idlewild have the musical bluster of Sunny Day Real Estate (without the prog-rock puzzlings), the angsty musical tension of the Treepeople, and the pop-punk appeal of Jawbreaker. A smart, punchy record that flies the indie-rock flag proudly, distorted guitars and all. --Adem Tepedelen