Brand New Day

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レーベル:Universal UK
JAN:0606949045128 売上ランキング:音楽で200570位

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  1. Desert Rose
  2. Perfect Love
  3. Brand New Day
  4. After The Rain
  5. Thousand Years
  6. Ghost Story
  7. Big Lie Small World
  8. Tomorrow We'll See
  9. Fill Her Up
  10. End Of The Game
Sting - Brand New Day (CD)
There is a difference between being an inspired musician and an informed musician. Sting is the latter. As always, he surrounds himself with ultra-talented artists: this time around Stevie Wonder, Branford Marsalis, James Taylor, guitarist Dominic Miller and the prince of rai Cheb Mami fill the roster. Brand New Day exhibits about as many musical styles as there are tracks, all encased in dense, meticulous production. The album begins promisingly. "A Thousand Years" pulses atop a lush, two-note foundation. "A Desert Rose" folds trilling Algerian pop into trip-hop. Melodic, late-night jazz ballads dominate the middle portion of the collection. But Sting's preoccupation with odd-numbered time signatures prevents the songs from grooving, while the choruses are yawns. "Fill Her Up", a country tune, represents Sting at his most self-indulgent. Listening to one of the wealthiest musicians in pop singing "Got no money to invest/Got no prospect/Or education/I was lucky to get the job at this gas station" requires a heroic suspension of disbelief. The song morphs into this rousing gospel number where Sting and a supporting chorus chant "You gotta fill 'er up with Jesus!/You gotta fill her up with life!" Who knew unleaded could be so rousing? --Beth Massa