A Map of the World (1999 Film)

作曲 Pat Metheny
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レーベル:Warner Bros / Wea
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  1. A Map Of The World
  2. Family
  3. North
  4. Home
  5. Sisters
  6. Childhood
  7. Fall From Grace
  8. Memory
  9. Gone
  10. Flight
  11. Alone
  12. Outcasts
  13. Sunday
  14. Discovery
  15. Acceptance
  16. Realization
  17. Soliloquy
  18. Night
  19. Sunrise
  20. Resolution
  21. Pictures
  22. Patience
  23. Transition
  24. Reunion
  25. Renewal
  26. Homecoming
  27. Forgiving
  28. Holding Us
A Map of the World is Pat Metheny's fourth film score. It is immediately noteworthy as this is the first time that he undertakes lead vocals as well as composing/arranging on a soundtrack album. The primary ensemble consists of Metheny's acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, played here by Steve Rodby, and chamber orchestra. But it is Metheny's folk-jazz melodies that are most prominent. Underlayered with the gentle harmonies of a restrained string section, the dynamics masterfully suggest both the expansiveness of the Mid Western landscape and the details of human emotions there. The basic melodic theme (represented on the album by the title track) is never far away, constantly referred to across the whole emotive canvas. Although Map of the World has no obvious hits such as "This Is Not America", the track that was popularised by David Bowie on Metheny's first soundtrack project, "The Falcon and the Snowman" (1984), this is a much more beautiful allbum. Kansas City's unpredictable master of mood paints A Map of the World as a place where evocative melodies and harmonic progressions are exquisitely played. --D. Isaac Stander