Close Your Eyes

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  1. More Than You Know
  2. Dream Dancing
  3. Close Your Eyes
  4. There's A Lull In My Life
  5. It's Delovely
  6. There's No You
  7. I'm Old Fashioned
  8. You Go To My Head
  9. Little White Lies
  10. Sleep Warm
  11. Day In-Day Out
People seem to get hooked on Stacey Kent. She's not so much an acquired taste as someone who takes command of the listener. An American who lives in Britain, she has her own jazz style but has obviously absorbed the work of all the other singers from Billie Holiday to Frank Sinatra and back again. Unusually--for she is quite young--she interprets the great songbook in the terms of the swing era. But she has all the technical sophistication of contemporary singers, and the total of her talents in various directions makes her one of the most enticing singers of the day. The delicacy of her taste leads her to little- known gems of the Broadway writer's art and, although there are unhackneyed standards from Porter and Kern in this collection, there are also beautiful pieces like "There's A Lull In My Life" and "Sleep Warm". She works regularly with the members of the backing group here and they include pianist Dave Newton, the remarkable drummer Steve Brown, and Kent's husband, Jim Tomlinson, a tenor player of Getz-like proportion. --Steve Voce