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  1. Imagine
  2. Crippled Inside
  3. Jealous Guy
  4. It's So Hard
  5. I Don't Want To Be A Soldier
  6. Gimme Some Truth
  7. Oh My Love
  8. How Do You Sleep?
  9. How?
  10. Oh Yoko!
The song "Imagine" is so much a part of our culture, it is impossible not to feel something for the album that shares its title. It's also difficult to remember that there are other great tracks here: "How Do You Sleep" is fascinating in its pure, unadulterated bitchiness towards Lennon's former bandmate Paul McCartney, while "Jealous Guy" is undeniably sweet. It is at times brilliant, but Imagine is hardly the greatest and most important album ever. So why bother re-releasing it? Well, it's been "remastered and remixed", but don't expect reworkings by Orbital or Mint Royale (not a bad idea come to think of it), because this Imagine sounds pretty much the same as it ever has. The thing is, it's now so steeped in history, will anyone really judge the songs on their own merit, or just decide to like them because they've been told they should? --Emma Johnston