The Virgin Suicides (1999 Film)

作曲 Air
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レーベル:Emperor Norton
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  1. Magic Man - Heart
  2. Hello It's Me - Rundgren, Todd
  3. Everthing You've Done Wrong - Sloan
  4. Ce Matin - La
  5. The Air That I Breathe - Hollies
  6. How Can You Mend a Broke Heart? - Green, Al
  7. Alone Again(Naturally) - Gilbert O'Sullivan
  8. I'm Not in Love - 10cc
  9. A Dream Goes on Forever - Rundgren, Todd
  10. Crazy on You - Heart
  11. Playground Love [Vibraphone Version] - Air
  12. Come Sail Away - Styx
Sofia Coppola's directorial debut has no shortage of music. She commissioned the French band Air to record an entire album's worth of material (sold separately) and enlisted the help of former Redd Kross drummer Brian Reitzell to pick other music to support the film. Aside from "Playground Love" and "Ce Matin La" by Air and "Everything You've Done Wrong" by the fine Canadian pop band Sloan (who add horns and backdate by three decades to the 1970s), the soundtrack resembles an anonymous day of 1970s AM radio. Al Green delivers a little bit o' soul with "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?", Todd Rundgren balances progressive rock with a strong power-pop backing ("Hello, It's Me" and "A Dream Goes On Forever") as do 10cc with "I'm Not in Love". Heart nail down the hard-rock end with two of their trademarks from the Dreamboat Annie album. Thankfully, Styx is programmed last, so you can skip the overwrought strains of "Come Sail Away" without difficulty. --Rob O'Connor