1985-95-Greatest Hits

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  1. What About Love
  2. If Looks Could Kill
  3. Never
  4. These Dreams
  5. Nothin' At All
  6. Alone
  7. Who Will You Run To
  8. There's The Girl
  9. Surrender To Me
  10. All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You
  11. I Didn't Want To Need You
  12. Tall, Dark Handsome Stranger
  13. Stranded
  14. You're The Voice (Studio Version)
  15. Back To Avalon
  16. Black On Black II
  17. Will You Be There (In The Morning)
  18. The Road Home
The 1980s were about excess and Heart, with those sweeping chords and soaring vocals, were as representative of the decade's musical immoderation as anyone. True, this collection of Heart stretches up to the mid-'90s, but Heart's sensibilities were thoroughly entwined with '80s guitar rock. This collection reaches only back to 1985, so it lacks such early hits as "Barracuda" and "Magic Man." It's also marred by filler, such as Ann Wilson's lugubrious duet with Cheap Trick's Robin Zander on "Surrender to Me," which originally appeared on the soundtrack to Tequila Sunrise. Still, since much of Heart's late-'80s and early-'90s output is no longer in print, this collection is your best opportunity to get some of their more recent rockers and power ballads on CD. --Genevieve Williams