Mermaid Avenue 2

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レーベル:Elektra / Wea
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  1. Airline To Heaven
  2. My Flying Saucer
  3. Feed Of Man
  4. Hot Rod Hotel
  5. I Was Born
  6. Secrets Of The Sea
  7. Stetson Kennedy
  8. Remember The Mountain Bed
  9. Blood Of The Lamb
  10. Against The Law
  11. All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose
  12. Joe DiMaggio Done It Again
  13. Meanest Man
  14. Black Wind Blowing
  15. Someday, Some Morning, Sometime
Mermaid Avenue, Vol. II finds Billy Bragg & Wilco setting Woody Guthrie's words to their own music a second time. The result is more sonically diverse than the first installment, but just as rewarding. With guests Natalie Merchant and bluesman Corey Harris lending their voices to this new-century hootenanny, this 15-song disc manages to capture the collective spirit of both IWW and the WTO times. Woody would've been proud of the initial collection; he'd be prouder still of this one. --Steven Stolder

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