Pump Up the Valuum

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レーベル:Epitaph / Ada
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  1. And Now For Something Completely Similar
  2. Take Two Placebos And Call Me Lame
  3. What's The Matter With Parents Today?
  4. Dinosaurs Will Die
  5. Thank God It's Monday
  6. Clams Have Feelings Too (Actually They Don't)
  7. Louise
  8. Stranger Than Fishin
  9. Pharmacist's Daughter
  10. Bottles To The Ground
  11. Total Bummer
  12. My Vagina
  13. Herojuana
  14. Theme From A NOFX Album
There are two sides to the punk coin. On one side, serious and somewhat political acts such as Fugazi are in it for the pulpit. NOFX is firmly stamped on the other side, where it's less soapbox than a threat of getting their mouths washed out with soap. Not since the heyday of the Dead Milkmen has there been a more insincere and politically incorrect punk-rock outfit, and the world is a more entertaining place for it. Pump Up the Valium's lyrics are first-class juvenilia. The backwards fantasy "What's the Matter with Parents Today?" poses a Twilight Zone-like fantasy in which front man fat Mike laments how "Dad's dressing like Motley Crue" and "Mom's hair's dyed bright blue." There are also tracks such as "My Vagina" and "Herojuana," which are pretty self-explanatory. Some might find such nonstop irreverence tedious if the band weren't so tight while being impolite. --Jason Josephes