Pop Trash

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  1. Someone Else Not Me
  2. Lava Lamp
  3. Playing With Uranium
  4. Hallucinating Elvis
  5. Starting To Remember
  6. Pop Trash Movie
  7. Fragment
  8. Mars Meets Venus
  9. Lady Xanax
  10. The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever
  11. Kiss Goodbye
  12. Last Day On Earth
Imagine how startling it must be for Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes to realize that the older sector of once devoted, poster-kissing Duranies have aged enough to be soccer moms. The last two remaining members of the '80s superband hit and often missed throughout the '90s, but with Pop Trash, grown-up fans will find a reinvigorating pop album that strikes a nearly perfect balance between hip factor and maturity. The band backpedals from the overtaxing techno of the 1997 sleeper release Medazzaland, but retains a few well-chosen synth overlays and combines them successfully with the oceanic balladry from 1993's The Wedding Album. "Someone Else Not Me" and "Pop Trash Movie" reclaim the beautiful soundscapes of The Wedding Album's "Ordinary World," while the heavier tracks work diet industrial ("Mars Meets Venus") and heavy-metal riffs with weird time signatures ("Last Day on Earth") into proper Duran Duran bombast. There are moments when the band overruns the age-appropriate mark: "Lady Xanax," an ode to the anxiety-relieving medication, symbolizes a tempering of their fast and furious lifestyle, but then again, who has time for street drugs when you have to get the kids home in time for dinner? --Beth Massa