Hold It Down

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レーベル:Epitaph / Ada
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  1. Intro
  2. Can't Stop, Won't Stop
  3. Hold It Down
  4. Fall This Time
  5. Everyday Hate
  6. Done...
  7. Say What?
  8. D.I.F.M.M.
  9. Show No Fear
  10. Never Look Back
  11. Still Searching
  12. Confessions
  13. Thinking To Myself
  14. Semper Fi
Since first emerging from the ashes of New York hardcore legends Agnostic Front, Madball have been ploughing a similar furrow of wholly uncompromising, full-throttled aggro rock with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. With their sixth blazing collection, it's pretty much business as usual. Freddy Cricien's throat-tearing vocal assaults intone bludgeoning anthems of strident self-assertion and full-blooded belligerence. It would, of course, be refreshing to report that Madball are creating a riot of their own by moving their hardcore remit into new stylistic territory. However, despite an introductory passage that toys with hip-hop devices, Hold It Down is simply another example of drab, monochromatic austerity. That said, if you like a bit of precision punk bluster toughened up with metal menace and the politics of brutal intent, you could do a lot worse than avail yourself of Hold It Down. --Ian Fortnam

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