Elbow Beach

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  1. Beautiful Inside
  2. First Kiss (The Wedding Song)
  3. 2 Faced
  4. For Your Eyes Only
  5. Egyptian Queen
  6. The Best Thing
  7. Bedtime
  8. That's What Friends Are For
  9. Take You There
  10. City Boy Fix
  11. In Our Room
  12. Lost
As transformations go, that of Louise Nurding to Louise Redknapp, is more impressive than anything Stars In Their Eyes have ever done. In the two years she's been away, the ex- Eternal girl better known for her posing than for her pop, has married, matured and discovered the essence of a good song...sex and conviction. Marrying her long-time footballing love Jamie Redknapp has obviously had a profound effect on her; Elbow Beach is named after the golden stretch of sand where she spent her honeymoon and "First Kiss (The Wedding Song)", "Bed Time" and "In Our Room" are all dedicated to the joy of sex and being married. And this time, unlike the supposedly sexy songs from her previous platinum selling albums Naked and Woman In Me, she sounds like she means it--probably because this time she wrote it. The pop is slick in a George Michael "Fast Love" way, the lyrics occasionally pointed (she attacks media luvvies and pop hangers on with "Beautiful Inside" and single "2Faced") in a George Michael way, and without a doubt her sexy, sophisticated and grown-up third album is the best thing she's done. --Dan Gennoe

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