Piano Concerto 3 / Solo Piano Works

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  1. Con No.3 in d, Op.30: I. Allegro Ma Non Tanto
  2. Con No.3 in d, Op.30: II. Intermezzo. Adagio
  3. Con No.3 in d, Op.30: III. Finale. Alla Breve
  4. Son, Op.10: Andante
  5. Morceaux De Fant, Op.3 No.5: Ser in B flat
  6. Morceaux De Salon, Op.10 No.6: Romance in f
  7. 13 Prlds, Op.32 No.6: Prld in f
  8. Prld in d, Op. Post.
  9. Etude-Tableaux in c#, Op.33 No.6
Volodos is the real thing, a flamboyant virtuoso with a great sense of style, tonal variety, and the kind of dexterity that draws attention to itself without taking your mind off the music. Rachmaninoff's Third is perfect repertoire for him, and he delivers an astonishing performance that combines fluency with weight. For those who found Argerich's Rachmaninoff 3 too brilliant, this performance will be deeply satisfying, the best of its kind since Weissenberg-Pretre of three decades ago. The alert, purposeful playing of the Berlin Philharmonic under James Levine adds greatly to the total impression. The recording and performance invite such concentration that you'll be startled to hear applause at the end. The solo pieces, including a transcription by Volodos of a movement from the Cello Sonata, are also beautifully played. --Leslie Gerber