Dr T & the Women

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  1. Dr. T's Theme
  2. Opening Credits
  3. Mall Woman
  4. The Fountain
  5. Bree Shuffle
  6. Golf Cart Love
  7. The Wedding Shower
  8. You've Been So Good Up to Now
  9. She's Already Made Up Her Mind
  10. Lady of the Lake
  11. Dr. T's Theme Reprise
  12. The Screen Door
  13. The Wedding
  14. Go Away With Me
  15. The Crash
  16. Ain't It Something
Lyle Lovett has appeared as an actor in several Robert Altman films including The Player and Short Cuts, and now that he has returned to the day job of country-folk guitarist/singer-songwriter it's no surprise that his first soundtrack album is for an Altman movie. Apart from two songs from his 1998 set Joshua Judges Ruth, Dr T and The Women is all new material, the closing number "Ain't it Somethin'" being less of a song than a rolling chorus and the other 13 cuts being instrumentals co-written with regular band members Matt Rollings (piano) and Viktor Krauss (bass). Blending elements of country, jazz, blues and folk Lovett whips up a selection of intimate pieces for his eight-piece ensemble, creating an infectious mood of jaunty whimsy. "Dr T's Theme" is a lovely piano melody, while later cues wring changes of various combinations of playfully exuberant bass, fiddle, cello and guitar. The jazzy elements and emphasis on powerful bass do evoke memories of Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks, and the mood does darken into unsettling musical surrealism by the penultimate track "The Crash". Even so this is the largely sunny alternative to the small-town American nightmare, an attractive album filled with innocent, good-natured fun. --Gary S. Dalkin