The Blue Trees

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レーベル:Beggars Banquet Us
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  1. The Blue Trees
  2. This Summer's Been Good From The Start
  3. Lady Fair
  4. Foot And Mouth '68
  5. Wrong Turnings
  6. Fresher Than The Sweetness In Water
  7. Face Like Summer
  8. Sbia Ar Y Seren
There are few more irritating descriptions of a band than "quirky". And while bands like They Might Be Giants and The Bare Naked Ladies may often deserve this slight, Welsh wizards Gorky's Zygotic Mynci do not. Their unique blend of pastoral whimsy and ancient serenity remains a Linus-like blanket in a deranged world. The Blue Trees, an eight-track mini-album, is predominantly acoustic, the songs recorded au naturel in three or four takes. Though the resulting ambience may be rustic, The Blue Trees is galaxies from hippy-dippy. Indeed, the sparse simplicity and wide-eyed wonder of these compositions evokes the heart-melting transcendence of Nick Drake. Frontman Euro Childs's distinctively cracked falsetto heightens the sense of plaintive poignancy, while a trio of instrumentals, ("Foot And Mouth '68", "Wrong Turnings" and the title track) emphasise the intrinsic beauty of the Gorky's muse. The only "pop" moment is a deliciously infectious Velvets-like chug through the Honeybus tune, "Fresher Than The Sweetness In Water". Elsewhere, the dominant vibe is hazy yet somehow sad-eyed, folk-inflected canticles, typified by "This Summer's Been Good From The Start". --Chris King