Take a Picture

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  1. Sunday Morning
  2. Sun
  3. Love Songs
  4. Thoughts
  5. Don't Go Away
  6. Take A Picture
  7. What Can I Give You
  8. Think Of Rain
  9. Can You Tell
  10. Someone I Know
  11. Love
  12. I Think A Lot About You
  13. It's Alright Now
  14. Timothy Gone
Astrud Gilberto, Mama Cass, Julie London, and many others recorded Margo Guryan's great songs back in the day. When Guryan released her own wonderful album, Take a Picture, in 1968, it didn't receive a lot of attention, but this once-lost treasure provides timeless pop pleasure. Its tracks possess a musical sophistication that's akin to the best work of the Free Design and the Beach Boys. Guryan's striking vocal melodies are complemented by excellent arrangements that often pair the rough edges of a rock rhythm section with the smooth sounds of strings, horns, or a flute. Jazz and classical influences and restrained experimentation also come into play here. "Sun" is a delight that's both lighter than air and full of sonic detail. On "Don't Go Away," an engaging two-minute slice of proto prog-rock, electric violin dances over inventive, jagged rhythms. The easygoing title track sounds like a dreamy show tune fleshed out with splashes of harpsichord, touches of flute, and effective strings. Take a Picture is a '60s orchestral pop classic. --Fred Cisterna