All Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edt)

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Disc : 1
  1. I'd Have You Anytime
  2. My Sweet Lord
  3. Wah-Wah
  4. Isn't It A Pity
  5. What Is Life
  6. If Not for You
  7. Behind That Locked Door
  8. Let It Down
  9. Run Of The Mill
  10. I Live For You (Bonus Track)
  11. Beware Of Darkness (Bonus Track)
  12. Let It Down (Bonus Track)
  13. What Is Life (Bonus Track)
  14. My Sweet Lord (2000) (Bonus Track)
Disc : 2
  1. Beware of Darkness
  2. Apple Scruffs
  3. Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
  4. Awaiting On You All
  5. All Things Must Pass
  6. I Dig Love
  7. Art Of Dying
  8. Isn't It A Pity (Version Two)
  9. Hear Me Lord
  10. It's Johnny's Birthday
  11. Plug Me In
  12. I Remember Jeep
  13. Thanks For The Pepperoni
  14. Out Of The Blue
GEORGE HARRISON All Things Must Pass (2001 UK 28-track digitally remastered 2-CD album set [produced by George Harrison & Phil Spector] comprising the 9-track album [original released in 1970] plus Ten Bonus Recordings of which five arepreviously unreleased complete with 20-page booklet with rare photos lyrics and extensive sleeve notes written by George in a clamshell picture box)