1. Alpha Ways
  2. Always: Your Way
  3. The Gentle Art Of Chocking
  4. Kohlstream
  5. Cemented Shoes
  6. Grounded
  7. C.O.R
  8. Infantile
  9. Ode To The Red Queen
  10. Tounge Tied
  11. Windows and Walls
  12. Taprobane
  13. Losing Touch
  14. Pieces
  15. Falling Off The Floor
  16. Under The Wheels
Hailing from the same University Of London digs as Coldplay, and reaching for the mantle of Yank-inflected indie-rock when the muscular jock-rock likes of Limp Bizkit are in the ascendancy, youthful Brit-rock four-piece My Vitriol should really have found this debut album business a bit of an uphill struggle. Somewhat surprisingly, though, they've delivered the good. At its best, Finelines suggests the dynamic scissor-kick choruses and sleek power-pop of the Foo Fighters, as envisaged through the effects pedals of My Bloody Valentine sound-alchemist Kevin Shields--the spirit of shoe-gazing spiked with guts, adrenaline and adolescent fantasies of towering walls of noise. Thankfully, too, this is far more substantial than many debut albums; more than just a smattering of hit singles amid a sea of filler, Finelines is pieced together by slick segues and thoughtful sequencing. Even the effortlessly pop moment--roller-coaster-grunge peaks "Always: Your Way" and "Losing Touch"--don't show up the occasional mellow forays into creeping-feedback guitar ambience. Any criticisms? Only that the reedy vocals of frontman Som Wardner lack a certain soul, making the actual emotional viscera of Finelines a little indirect. Still, on the basis of this fine debut, there's no reason why My Vitriol couldn't be serious "Voice of a Generation" contenders. --Louis Pattison