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レーベル:Putumayo World Music
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  1. El Tecolote
  2. Ranchu Gubina
  3. Flor De Huevo
  4. La Bruja
  5. Rogaciano
  6. Mediu Xhiga
  7. La Petrona
  8. Naila
  9. Ra Bacheeza
  10. Andan Diciendo
  11. Son Huini
  12. Los Peces
  13. Nuestro Nido
Mexican music has been locked for half a century into the "mariachi" stereotype popularised by countless B movies: Putamayo's Mexico comes to set it free in the most agreeable way. It follows the usual Putamayo formula of a travelogue terminating in a recipe (for guacamole) and it makes no claims to scholarly comprehensiveness. But it does present a kaleidoscopic portrait of the musics to be found in this relatively unknown land. Mexican "son" is the central heartbeat, blending Spanish, indigenous and African elements but it's very different from its Cuban counterpart. Its effects derive from the blending of guitars of different sizes and tunings and the singing can be by turns nasal or falsetto, often punctuated by manic laughter. The 12 tracks here reflect some great voices and range from graceful wedding music to raunchy joke-songs, and from a septuagenarian guitar trio to a deracinated band that plies its trade in California. The liner notes are fine as far as they go but to really get your bearings you should consult Mary Farquharson's definitive essay in The Rough Guide to World Music. --Michael Church

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