Blow (2001 Film)

作曲 Graeme Revell
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  1. Can't You Hear Me Knocking (1994 Digital Remaster)
  2. Rumble
  3. Glad And Sorry
  4. Strange Brew
  5. Black Betty
  6. Blinded By The Light
  7. Let's Boogaloo
  8. Keep It Comin' Love
  9. Yellow World
  10. That Smell
  11. All The Tired Horses
  12. Can't You See
  13. Push & Pull
Blow CD
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Like all good film soundtracks, the music from Blow succeeds in recreating the mood, era and setting of its film. What's interesting is that, for an American film, it's so reliant on classic British rock. Sure, these bands played what could arguably be considered "American" music, but these Brits did it so well. Few Yanks rocked the rhythm and blues sound better than the Rolling Stones ("Can't You Hear Me Knocking"), Cream ("Strange Brew") or the Faces ("Glad And Sorry") and Bruce Springsteen's "Blinded by the Light" was made into an international hit only when Manfred Mann's Earth Band covered it. In fact, though most people are familiar with Black Betty's "Ram Jam", few could say with any conviction who wrote it (Leadbelly). That's not to downplay the American contribution to this fine collection: One can never get tired of hearing Link Wray's "Rumble", the gospel-tinged, Dylan-free Bob Dylan song "All the Tired Horses", or the southern rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd ("That Smell") or the Marshall Tucker Band ("Can't You See"). In fact, the only time this soundtrack strays is when it lapses into kitsch (J Girls' "Yellow World", Willie Rosario's "Let's Boogaloo") or drags itself into the present (Nikki Costa's "Push & Pull"). They're not necessarily bad songs taken on their own, but in light of the company they keep here, well, they hardly rock. --Robert Burrow

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