All Tomorrow's Parties

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  1. The Cheech Wizard Meets Baby Ultraman - The Sea And Cake
  2. Shitslime Garbage Can vs. My MPC - Prefuse 73
  3. DDL - Broadcast
  4. Piker Sam - Calexico
  5. Sinfo - Rick Rizzo & Tara Key
  6. Waterfront (The Sinking Road) - Black Heart Procession
  7. Cliff Dweller Society - Tortoise
  8. I Seen What You Said - Mike Ladd
  9. In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country - Boards Of Canada
  10. If I Was Santa Claus - Atmoshpere
  11. Ridiculoid - Cannibal Ox featuring El-P
  12. All Tomorrow's Linoleum - Autechre
  13. Maquette Augmentation - Russell Haswell
The yearly British festival alternative All Tomorrow's Parties may have begun as an unmitigated tweefest--the bill for the first ever ATP event was engineered by fey Scottish indie-pop minstrels Belle and Sebastian--but this compilation of live and back-catalogue faves, compiled to capture the ethos of the Camber Sands weekender, is a masterful example of the event's increasingly broad scope. For All Tomorrow's Parties, 2001 was the year that post-rock's long-simmering fascination with the technological cutting-edge finally blew up; it's venerable Hoboken guitar-strokers Yo La Tengo that offer the only traditional indie thrill, with the bulk of this compilation given over to a funkier, mongrel-minded avant-garde. Brooklyn soul-hop sensation Mike Ladd weighs in with "I Seen What You Say", a hip-hop perversion of The Make-Up's soul-believer schtick; Brum Krautrock specialists Broadcast introduce the glitch-led sample dynamics of modern electronica to their motorik brew; and even mariachi guitar-strummers Calexico take their melancholic prairie ruminations out into spacier, more ambient lands. ATP fixtures Lambchop and the resurrected Television are conspicuous by their frustrating absence, but all the same, there's plenty here to educate, and entertain, anyone with a passing interest in the future of truly alternative music. -- Louis Pattison