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レーベル:Sub Verse
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  1. Garbage Day #3
  2. Get-U-Now
  3. What A Nigga Know?
  4. Sweet Premium Wine
  5. Plumskinnz (Loose Hoe, God & Cupid)
  6. Smokin' That S*@%!
  7. Contact Blitt
  8. Gimme!
  9. Black Bastards
  10. It Sounded Like A Roc!
  11. Plumskinnz (Oh No I Don't Believe It!)
  12. Constipated Monkey
  13. F*@# Wit' Ya Head!!
  14. Suspended Animation
  15. What A Nigga Know? (Remix feat. MF Grimm)
Like the Jungle Brothers' J Beez Wit The Remedy, KMD (Kausin Much Damage)'s second album, Black Bastards is legendary among die-hard hip-hop fans. Held back by their record label due to its inflammatory content/cover and the early death of Zevlove X (MF Doom)'s brother/fellow rapper, Black Bastards spent eight years in bootleg heaven before being released on independent label Sub-verse. When KMD released their whimsical debut, Mr Hood they were allied to hip-hop's New School (De la Soul, A Tribe Called Quest etc) but the righteous agenda of Black Bastards totally flipped the script. With tracks such as the title track, "Constipated Monkey" and "What Nigga Know", KMD militantly deconstruct "race in the media", much like Spike Lee's controversial film, Bamboozled. However with tick-tock beats, crunching pianos, elastic basslines and all manner of upbeat jams, KMD generate enough energy to leave most hip-hop albums, past and present (2001) trailing in their wake. Of course, it's not all concept--there are the obligatory weed songs ("Contact Blitz", "Smokin' That Shit"), a wicked party joint ("Sweet Premium Wine") and Sub-roc's fantastic solo track, "It Sounded Like A Roc". Ultimately though, Black Bastards is all about Zevlove X (MF Doom) and Sub Roc, their insistence on pushing thought-provoking rather than "thug life" content to the fore and a refusal to hide behind the usual barrage of vogueish clichés. --Reuben Dessay