Luther Vandross

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  1. Take You Out
  2. Grown Thangs
  3. Bring Your Heart To Mine
  4. Can Heaven Wait
  5. Say It Now
  6. "Hearts Get Broken All The Time (But The Problem Is, This Time It's Mine)"
  7. I'd Rather
  8. How Do I Tell Her
  9. Any Day Now
  10. If I Was The One
  11. Let's Make Tonight The Night
  12. Like I'm Invisible
  13. Are You There (With Another Guy)
  14. Love Forgot
Having the vocal skills to be able to sing the phonebook doesn't necessarily mean that one should. Over the course of his last few albums, singer extraordinaire Luther Vandross has been saddled with material not nearly as magnificent as his silken, impeccably romantic voice. Luckily for fans of Luther, and for anyone who hungers for grown up polished R&B/pop, the king of the love song is back. Though nowhere near his early classics, this eponymous release is definitely his best since 1991's "Power of Love". From aching ballads to up tempo finger poppers, Luther lets the magic of his supple voice weave a spell. Even if his chart-topping days are behind him, Vandross' ability to croon is firmly in effect. Solid and satisfying. --Amy Linden