Psyco on Da Bus

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  1. Afropusherman
  2. Never Satisfied
  3. Many Questions
  4. K.I.S. Compatible
  5. Pictures Talk
  6. Hand Full Of Sands
  7. Push Your Mind
  8. Time To Take A Rest Suite: Part I
  9. Time To Take A Rest Suite: Part II
  10. Time To Take A Rest Suite: Part III
  11. Push Your Mind (Break Beat Remix)
This meeting of musical minds is all about the groove, and the principal performers on Psyco On Da Bus--Doctor L, Tony Allen, Jean Phi Diary, Jeff Kellner, and Cesar Anot--seek to cross-reference rhythm-heavy styles (funk, fusion, reggae and African music) with a distinctly jazzy approach. On top of everything, they lay down singing, spoken word, or occasional vocal harmonies. These guys like to jam, be it in the laid-back, jazzy style of "Time To Take A Rest Part II" or the lively funk vibe of "Afropusherman". But the emphasis isn't always on the familiar, as the fractured, avant-garde approach of "K.I.S Compatible" and the slow-motion ambient freefall of "Time To Take A Rest Part I" attest. This collective combines its unerring sense of rhythm with studio effects to tantalise your ears and your feet, and while the results are generally ear-catching, the insistence on repetition undermines some tracks. In spite of its flaws, though, Psyco On Da Bus has many good moments to groove to or chill out to, depending on your mood. --Bryan Reesman

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