Morimur (after J.S. Bach)

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  1. Auf meinen lieben Gott
  2. Den Tod...
  3. Allemanda
  4. Christ lag in Tobesbanden
  5. Corrente
  6. Den Tod niemand zwingen kunnt
  7. Sarabanda
  8. Wo soll ich fliehen hin
  9. Den Tod...
  10. Ciaccona
  11. Christ lag in Tobesbanden
  12. Dein Will gescheh'
  13. Befiehl Du Deine Wege
  14. Jesu meine Freude
  15. Auf meinen lieben Gott
  16. Jesu Deine Passion
  17. In meines Herzens Grunde
  18. Nun lob', mein Seel', den Herren
  19. Den Tod...
  20. Ciaccona fur Violine solo und vier Stimmen nach einer Analyse von Helga Thoene
  21. Den Tod...
In 1994, explains the booklet which accompanies Morimur, Professor Helga Thoene made the surprising discovery that the monumental Ciaccona from Bach's Partita in D minor for solo violin was built around various chorale themes hidden in the music. From the texts of these "secret" chorales and other symbolic musical devices, she deduced that the Ciaccona was an epitaph for Bach's wife, Maria Barbara. The revelation might have remained an intriguing (and touching) footnote to Bach scholarship if baroque violinist Christoph Poppen hadn't had the bright idea of taking Professor Thoene's discovery off the library shelves and placing it triumphantly in the concert hall. On this disc his performance of all five movements of the whole Partita (BWV 1004) is interspersed with the various chorales hidden inside the Ciaccona, sung with breathtaking precision by the Hilliard Ensemble. The double whammy comes at the end when the Ciaccona is performed again, this time with the singers bringing out the "secret" melodies. Poppen's playing is excellent, both sweet-toned and vibrant while the Hilliards have never sounded better: the combination of the two is spine-tingling. It is as if Maria Barbara's proper epitaph has finally been realised, and a moving and wonderfully stimulating recording created in the process. --Warwick Thompson