Y'All Get Scared Now Ya Hear

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レーベル:Play It Again Sam
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  1. Will You Please Be There For Me
  2. The Opening Taste
  3. 12 Hours It Takes Sometimes
  4. Deviance
  5. If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet
  6. Fire Bell
  7. If Everything Fell Quiet
  8. I've Never Understood
  9. Raindrop
  10. Sting
  11. Billed As Single
  12. Tout Le Monde
  13. Nytol
  14. The Day We All Died
The debut from this U.K. supergroup is a strange, uncertain, and undoubtedly unique record that resulted from a 10-day clatter through the nooks and crannies of the guitar-wielding Glasgow underground. Project leader Gary Lightbody, the fey-voiced front man of Irish indie-popsters Snow Patrol, manages to keep members of bands as diverse as Arab Strap, Astrid, Mogwai, Mull Historical Society, and Belle and Sebastian playing from the same hymn sheet. And on the whole, it's his own quavering, tremulous vocals that take precedence on these ponderous, sad, Sebadoh-like songs (the gorgeous "12 Hours It Takes Sometimes"), lo-fi beat-box breakdowns ("Raindrop"), and technofied Sonic Youth-style droners ("Tout le Monde"). Sure, it would have been nice to hear some of the record's other contributors making more use of their talents--Arab Strap's splendidly miserable Aidan Moffat only steps up to a microphone once, for the rolling acoustica of "Nightfall." But it's clear that this is Lightbody's project, and it's a marvel that Y'All Get Scared Now, Ya Hear sounds so polished, focused, and complete. --Louis Pattison

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