Tanto Tempo Remixes

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  1. Bananeira (remixed by Rae & Christian)
  2. Sem Contencao (remixed by Truby Trio)
  3. August day song (remixed by Chateau Flight)
  4. Tanto tempo (remixed by Peter Kruder)
  5. Mais Feliz (remixed by Monoaural)
  6. So nice (Summer Samba) (remixed by Mario Caldato Jr)
  7. Alguem (remixed by Ananda Project)
  8. Sem Contencao (remixed by Sin Plomo)
  9. Close your eyes (remixed by Faze Action)
  10. August day song (remixed by Da Lata)
  11. Tanto tempo (remixed by Chari Chari)
  12. Samba da Bencao (remixed by 4hero)
  13. August day song (remixed by King Britt)
These Tanto Tempo Remixes are handled with impeccable taste by a creamy crop that includes Rae & Christian, the Truby Trio, Peter Kruder, Da Lata, 4 Hero and King Britt. Just as the New York-based Gilberto becomes more punchy in the live arena, these reconfigurations squirt tripping beats, boost bass frequencies and generally push towards a rippling Latin house sound. Gilberto's deft bossa vocal phrasing reaches right back to the 1960s, but her band, and now her remixers, are attuned to the electro reinvigorations that are currently sweeping through Brazil. Rae & Christian's "Bananeira" has a curious Bo Diddley stomp, with clipped trumpet answered by gruff trombone. Truby's "Sem Contencao" is given a hard bass-drum trounce, gaining an epic scale. Monoaural's "Mais Feliz" is governed by a minimalist bass prowler, drums kept to a vicious crack, showered with harp rivulets. Chari Chari's treatment of the title track has a direct simplicity: little more than bass, percussion layers and electro-textures. The common factor is that all these mixes ensure that Bebel's vocals remain sacrosanct, the very reason for each tune's existence. --Martin Longley