Here at the Mayflower

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  1. Elevator Operator: Do You Know Who's Livin' Next Door
  2. Apts. 3B and 5N: Come Monday
  3. Apartment 3E: Border Train
  4. Apartment 2H: Turn the Radio Up
  5. Apartment 2G: I Hear Her Playing Music
  6. Apartment 4J: Talk to Me
  7. Apartment 6C: Not What You See
  8. Elevator Operator: Freddie Said
  9. Apartment 1A: Some Bar By The Harbor
  10. Apartment 2H: Say Goodbye
  11. Elevator Operator: She Should'a Been Mine
  12. Apartment 4G: The Night That Tito Played
  13. Apartment 5F: I'm Comin' Back
  14. Apartment 6C: I Miss You
  15. Elevator Operator: They Dance!
  16. Apartment 3E: Welcome Home
With Here at The Mayflower Barry Manilow produces another theme-based project similar to Copacabana, the musical based on his early hit "At the Copa". Each of these 16 piano-driven numbers relates to an apartment located in the legendary Mayflower, and with the man in the know: the Elevator Operator. At the top of his narrative and melodic game, Manilow earnestly sings songs like "Welcome Home" and the record's high-energy first single "Turn Up the Radio". "Come Monday", on which the Neil Sedaka peer employs vocal gating much like recent outings of Cher and Blondie, throws modernity into the base mix of Manilow's long-unwavering formula. All in good fun, Here at the Mayflower will never pass for high art, but that was never a requisite for his fans. --Paige La Grone