Arte Del Sabor

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レーベル:Blue Note Records
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  1. Lamento Cubano
  2. Son de la Loma
  3. El Maranon
  4. Bolero Potpourri
  5. Priquitin Pin Pon
  6. Negro De Sociedad
  7. Buche Y Pluma "Na ma"
  8. El Reloj De Pastora
  9. Conga Potpurri
  10. Ogguere
  11. Pare Cochero
  12. Cumbanchero
  13. Si Llego A Besarte
  14. Guaracha Potpourri
  15. Romance En La Habana
  16. Route 66
  17. Adios Panama Para Vigo Me Voy
They are the "Holy Trinity" of Latin jazz: Pianist Bebo Valdes, the music director of the Tropicana and father of Chucho Valdes; bassist Israel "Cachao" Lopez, the mambo and descarga innovator; and percussionist Carlos "Patato" Valdes, who played with greats from Cuba to California. On El Arte Del Sabor, which translates as "The Art of Flavour", they sprinkle zesty Afro-Caribbean seasonings on 17 swinging Cuban classics. Tunes such as "Lamento Cubano", "Son de La Loma" and "Negro de Sociedad" are interpreted as tasty trio arrangements. Alto saxophonist and clarinettist Paquito D'Rivera adds his sophisticated solos to the compositions "Priquitin Pin Pon", "Ogguere" and "Romance en La Habana". Bebo Valdes' elegant ivory ticklings on the Cubop-tinged hit "Route 66" pay homage to the great Nat "King" Cole, who recorded Holiday in Havana with Valdes in the 1950s. All told, this selection offers a sonic snapshot of Cuba's elegant pre-Revolutionary jazz scene. --Eugene Holley Jr