Soulful Sugar

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レーベル:Castle Music UK
JAN:0766488127225 売上ランキング:音楽で408213位

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Disc : 1
  1. While Youre Out Looking For Sugar
  2. The Feelings Gone
  3. Girls It Aint Easy
  4. Take Me With You
  5. Take My Love
  6. When Will It End
  7. Sunday Morning People
  8. Son Of A Preacher Man
  9. Youve Made Me So Very Happy
  10. Are You Man Enough Are You Strong Enough
  11. Aquarius
  12. My Minds Leaving But My Heart Wont Let Me Go
  13. Want Ads (Long Version)
  14. We Belong Together
  15. You Made Me Come To You
  16. Blessed Be Our Love
  17. Deaf Blind And Paralyzed
  18. The Day I Found I Myself (Long Version)
  19. Stick-Up
  20. V I P
  21. One Monkey Dont Stop No Show Part I
  22. One Monkey Dont Stop No Show Part II
  23. Dont Count Your Chickens (Before They Hatch)
  24. A Little More
  25. Whos It Gonna Be
  26. All The Kings Horses (And All The Kings Men)
  27. How Does It Feel
  28. Sittin On A Time Bomb (Waitin For The Hurt To Come)
  29. Its Better To Have Loved And Lost
  30. Innocent Til Proven Guilty
  31. Dont Send Me An Invitation
  32. Ace In The Hole
  33. O O O Baby Baby
  34. Woman Cant Live By Bread Alone
  35. If I Cant Fly
  36. Stay In My Corner
  37. Whos Lovin You
  38. A Womans Prayer
  39. I Lost My Rainbow
  40. Somebody Is Always Messing Up A Good Thing (Ft Sharon Cash)
  41. The Truth Will Come Out (Ft Sharon Cash)
  42. Want Ads (Original Version)
  43. We Belong Together (Single Version)
  44. The Day I Found Myself (Original Version)
  45. Ace In The Holes (Single Version)