Get a Life 2 [DVD]

Writer Chris Elliott , Writer Adam Resnick , Writer David Mirkin
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Why buy a collection of episodes from a TV series that lasted a mere two low-rated seasons? Because Get a Life was so far ahead of its time, TV still hasn't completely caught up yet. Chris Elliott, TV's original jackass, stars as Chris Peterson, a 30-year-old paperboy who still lives with his bathrobed and perpetually embarrassed parents (the venerable Bob Elliott and Elinor Donahue, who was "Princess" on Father Knows Best). The first slacker sitcom subverts conventions with its unapologetically obnoxious and delusional lead character in this well-chosen quartet of episodes. Chris auditions for a local theatre production, "Zoo Animals on Wheels." In "Married," he meets, marries, cheats on, and divorces a model all in one day. He is a fish out of water in "The Big City," and a man stuck with his father in a two-man sub lodged in his own bathtub in "Neptune 2000." Since its 1992 cancellation, Get a Life has taken on a life of its own, its legend perhaps enhanced by the fact that it has not been widely syndicated. For devoted fans, this collection is the next best thing to a Get a Life reunion (don't hold your breath). --Donald Liebenson