Vasen Live

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  1. JTT
  2. M. Nykanen
  3. Byggnan
  4. Polska After Mats Berglund/Sald Och solde
  5. Goskarlen
  6. Shapons Vindaloo
  7. Dragos
  8. Ploska
  9. Nitti Pomfritti
  10. Grannens Favorit
Vasen has taken the ancient melodies and rhythms of their native Sweden and goosed them up with a canny mix of jazzy harmony and rock and roll energy. And on Live at the Nordic Roots Festival, the roars of approval from the crowd show they appreciate the band's near-perfect synthesis of old and new. The 10 tracks, which include compositions from each of the four band members, feature some inspiring displays of instrumental virtuosity, particularly from nyckelharpa master Olov Johansson. On every selection he skilfully meshes the haunting, archaic drone of his instrument with the more contemporary sounds of Mikael Marin's viola, and Roger Tallroth's guitar and the eclectic drumming of Andre Ferrari. As an extra treat, Vasen shares the stage with the Norwegian fiddler Annbjorg Lien on the Tallroth-written tune "Dragos" and with Harv fiddlers Magnus Stinnerbom and Daniel Sanden-Warg on a medley of traditional Swedish dance tunes. Vasen's blend of the medieval and the modern honours the music of the past, even as it redefines what is traditional. --Michael Simmons