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  1. Cherish The Day
  2. Somebody Already Broke My Heart
  3. Smooth Operator
  4. Jezebel
  5. Kiss Of Life
  6. Slave Song
  7. The Sweetest Gift
  8. The Sweetest Taboo
  9. Paradise
  10. No Ordinary Love
  11. By Your Side
  12. Flow
  13. Is It A Crime
Following the six million selling success of comeback album Lovers Rock, Lovers Live was recorded over two nights on the US leg of Sade's 2001 tour. It's an immaculate collection that slinks with all the style and grace that Sade's name conjures. Indeed Lovers Live is so perfect, it sounds much like a regular Sade album with indiscriminate yelps and whoops added for effect. There is one very excitable lady, who yelps louder than most. When the crowd erupts at the end of songs, or in recognition of another smooth grooved classic, her high-pitched scream can be heard above everyone else. And while such passion is all well, good and atmospheric at the appropriate junctures, her yelps are random, unfounded and during the gorgeous, acoustic reggae of comeback single "By Your Side", incredibly irritating. However, the audience's disruption of romantic moods and Sade's lethargic between song banter--she thanks the audience for their love and support while sounding like she'd really rather be somewhere else--are the only flaws. Sade's voice is perfect as usual, the grooves, like "Flow"'s drowsy swagger are supremely seductive, and hits "Sweetest Taboo", "No Ordinary Love" and "Smooth Operator" sound a good 10 years fresher than they did when they last appeared on 2000's Best Of. Lovers Live is one of the best performed and produced live albums in recent years--except for the whooping lady. --Dan Gennoe