Don't Worry About Me

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  1. What a Wonderful World
  2. Stop Thinking About It
  3. Mr Punchy
  4. Maria Bartimoro
  5. Spirit in My House
  6. Venting
  7. Like a Drug I Never Did Before
  8. Searching for Something
  9. I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up)
  10. 1969
  11. Don't Worry About Me
Joey Ramone's posthumous solo debut Don't Worry About Me is, at the very least, evidence of the man's lifelong fidelity to his muse; that beneath Ramone's punk rock battledress of shaggy fringe and tattered leather jacket, there was no trace of a free jazz, hip-hop or folk sensibility patiently waiting for its moment. Which is to say that Don't Worry About Me is barely distinguishable from any late-period Ramones album, and that means, sadly, that it only occasionally rises above mediocrity, and certainly never threatens Rocket To Russia as a cornerstone of the Ramone's formidable musical legacy. The principal selling point here is given away as the opening track--the rousing roasting of the Louis Armstrong chestnut "What A Wonderful World", complete with intro lifted from the Sex Pistols' "Pretty Vacant", would put a foolish smile on the face of a grandfather clock. Unfortunately, it establishes a standard that the desperately average punky rave-ups that constitute the remainder of the album struggle to match. --Andrew Mueller