20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection

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レーベル:Polydor / Umgd
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  1. Sweet Dreams
  2. Pete's Blue
  3. The Messiah Will Come Again
  4. Filthy Teddy
  5. After Hours
  6. Five String Blues
  7. Hey Joe
  8. Roy's Bluz
  9. CC Ryder
  10. Country Preacher
  11. Wayfaring Pilgrim
  12. I'm Evil (live)
This album compiles highlights from unjustly obscure guitarist Roy Buchanan's first solo albums for Polydor (1972-75), efforts that defined his country-blues-gospel roots and showcased the fiery, emotionally charged technique that awed even fellow guitar gods like Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. In a 1971 interview, Buchanan confided, "This star business scares the hell out of me." That remark says much about both the guitar phenom's humble mindset and promising yet oft-troubled career. Buchanan apprenticed with '50s rockabilly star Dale Hawkins (and later, Hawkins's cousin Ronnie in the Hawks, soon to become the Band), but was in his 30s before he got the attention he so richly deserved. Buchanan's solos here often seem to bypass his conscious mind and connect directly with his complex, conflicted soul (he committed suicide in 1988). Contrasted with his plaintive, near-spoken vocals on spiritually disparate tracks like "The Messiah Will Come Again," "Hey Joe," and a live take on "I'm Evil," the solos can be gut-wrenchingly powerful. Buchanan's public acceptance was limited, but his playing continues to influence new generations; here are a dozen good reasons why. --Jerry McCulley