Emerson Drive

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レーベル:Dreamworks Nashville
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  1. Fall Into Me
  2. Evidence
  3. Passionate Desperate Love
  4. Only God (Could Stop Me Loving You)
  5. Say My Name
  6. I Should Be Sleeping
  7. Light Of Day
  8. Looking Over My Shoulder
  9. I See Heaven
  10. How Lucky I Am
  11. Hollywood Kiss
  12. It's All About You
Watch out, Rascal Flatts. Here comes Emerson Drive, rolling out of Canada with an eye on your formula: rock masquerading as country, high-octane energy, layered harmonies, and enough testosterone to power a truck pull. While they wrote none of the material on this debut disc, the six-piece band is hung up on "bed" songs, from "I Should Be Sleeping," the hit single about a guy's inability do anything but think of his girl, to "Light of Day" and "I See Heaven," which pretty much say the same thing. In fact, every song here is about getting the girl, thanking God for the girl, and pinching yourself to make sure you're not just dreaming you got the girl. That's what you do when you're young and in love, of course. No time for subtlety, powered-down production, or variation, unless you count "It's All About You," a slice of faux R&B in which lead singer Brad Mates vows that--what else?--he'll do anything to get the girl. Ah, obsession. --Alanna Nash