Sticks & Stones

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  1. Understatement
  2. My Friends Over You
  3. Sonny
  4. Something I Call Personality
  5. Head On Collision
  6. It's Been A Summer
  7. Forget My Name
  8. Never Give Up
  9. The Great Houdini
  10. Singled Out
  11. Belated
  12. The Story So Far
Sticks and Stones, the third record from Florida emo-punkers New Found Glory, might wear its broken heart on its sleeve, but that doesn't mean it has to pretend to be mature. No, Blink-182's first choice of opening band have a firm grasp of the puerile: Sticks and Stones churns out dumb punk thrills at such a breakneck pace, you'd swear they were going out of fashion. The chugging "It's Been a Summer" does Blink as well as Travis, Mark, and Tom do themselves, while "Head-On Collision" displays the group's tender emo side, frontman Jordan Pundik smarting at a vicious relationship spat. "It feels like I'm bruised and broken / From our head-on collision," he sobs, as guitars crunch and blunder madly in the background. Thing is, although some of the tunes are spot on--particularly, the lovestruck "My Friend's Over You" and the moshpit-friendly "Something I Call Personality"--there's little to radically distinguish New Found Glory from their peers. If you're a diehard pop-punk fan, you've probably got records like this--and better--in your collection already. --Louis Pattison