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  1. When It Rains
  2. You're Vibing Me
  3. Dusty Mcnugget
  4. Dropjes
  5. Paranoid Android
  6. Frankli Avenue
  7. Sabbath
  8. Dear Prudence
  9. Free Willy
  10. Alvarado
  11. Wave/Mother Nature's Son
  12. I Do
Having essayed "the art of the trio" on several albums boasting that same tag, pianist Brad Mehldau opens up his style here to embrace horns and strings, electronics and robo-beats. Produced by popmeister Jon Brion (Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple), whom he hooked up with at the Largo nightclub in Los Angeles, Largo the CD is thick with atmosphere: titles such as "When It Rains" shouldn't be taken lightly. But its studied romanticism, while cutting back on the pianistic posturing that has turned off some jazz critics on Mehldau (while intensifying the devotion of others), is ultimately thin in substance. At its best, as on the freewheeling "Paranoid Android," the music attains a kind of hermetic intensity. At other times, it recalls the acoustic experimentation of Medeski Martin & Wood with its decorative grooves and empty claims on free expression. Cocktail music is but a few degrees of banality away, which, depending on your taste, is either reason to stay away or reason to make Mehldau even more of a hot property. --Lloyd Sachs