Let Go

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  1. Blizzard Of '77
  2. The Way You Wear Your Head
  3. Fruit Fly
  4. Blonde On Blonde
  5. Inside Of Love
  6. Hi-Speed Soul
  7. No Quick Fix
  8. Killian's Red
  9. La Pour Ca
  10. Happy Kid
  11. Treading Water
  12. Paper Boats
Prior to Let Go, Nada Surf's most notable achievement was "Popular"--their 1996 hit single and MTV staple that cast a cynical eye over dysfunctional US high school relationships to the sound of crunchy, Pixies-esque college rock. But with this, their fourth album, they're a world away from the sweaty dorm-rooms that spawned them. Like their peers Weezer, Nada Surf have matured without all the negative aspects that might imply: flitting between driving power-pop, blue-skies post-grunge and acoustic rock balladry, Let Go is an enchanting and subtle album that consigns the band's curmudgeonly, satirical edge to the dumpster. It's often beautifully simple: the curious "Blonde on Blonde" finds frontman Matthew Caws singing of listening to Bob Dylan on his headphones as he strolls in the rain, while "Happy Kid" is a wide-eyed rollercoaster ride that boasts not a single cynical bone in its rosy, plump frame. Add this to the fact that there's some wry-but-muscular rock songs here that could take Rivers Cuomo on at his own game (see the fluorescent punk-pop rush of "The Way You Wear Your Head") and it suddenly becomes clear that Nada Surf are far more than "Popular"--they're a smart, alluring, attractive 21st century rock band that are so over high school it hurts. --Louis Pattison