The Coloured Section

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レーベル:Giant Step Records
JAN:0693657703020 売上ランキング:音楽で267526位

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  1. Welcome to the Colored Section
  2. Beautiful Me
  3. Cloud
  4. People Person
  5. Big Black Buck
  6. Wildlife
  7. Do You Know?
  8. Turn Around
  9. You Got a Friend
  10. Heaven Sent
  11. Rocketship
  12. Masterplan
  13. Our New National Anthem
  14. Welcome to the Colored Section
Atlanta singer-songwriter Donnie's Colored Section debut is uneasy listening of the highest order, as the album's title--referencing an ugly manifestation of racial prejudice--suggests. Donnie has a message; actually, he has a grocery list's worth. And he scatters them throughout his Southern-fried soul songs in blunt, riveting language. In a voice plainly reminiscent of Stevie Wonder, Donnie challenges notions of inequality, and while his words are sobering, he never loses sight of the groove. The horn-infused, swaggering "Big Black Buck" is pure New Orleans funeral march, while "Beautiful Me"--a razor-sharp pronouncement of individuality--builds on an almost gospel foundation, albeit one with a percussive spine. "Our New National Anthem" has a finger-snapping Philly-soul vibe, and while a reference to the impact of 9/11 seems, at this point, a bit like declaring the sky blue, it's a rare misstep in an otherwise fluid and funky debut. --Kim Hughes