Amandla!-a Revolution in Four Part Harmony

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  1. Amandla!
  2. When You Come Back
  3. Lizobuya
  4. Meadowlands
  5. Sad Times, Bad Times
  6. Senzeni Na?
  7. Beware Verwoerd (Naants' Indod'Emnyama)
  8. Y'Zinga
  9. Stimela
  10. Injambo/Hambani Kunye Ne-Vangeli
  11. Mannenberg
  12. Nkosi Sikelei
  13. Thina Lomhlaba Siwugezi
  14. Mayibuye
  15. Thina Sizwe
  16. Folk Vibe #1
  17. Dubula Ngesi'bam
  18. Sobashiya Abazale
  19. Bring Him Back Home (Nelson Mandela)
  20. Did You Hear That Sound (Dreamtime Improv)
  21. S'Bali
  22. Makuliwe
  23. Bahlei Bonke
  24. Kuzobenjani Na?
  25. 'You Strike The Rock...'
  26. The Untold Story
  27. Iyo
  28. Usi Letela Uxdlo (Nelson Mandela Brings Us Peace)
  29. Toyi-Toyi/Kramat
Forgive the cynicism, but it’s hard to believe that South Africa’s civil war was actually a successful one waged without a full-scale battle. Happy endings to tragic events seem to be the stuff of fairy tales rather than real life. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that apartheid was a travesty that the colonialists couldn’t continue to live with. More likely, it’s the spirit of South Africa’s black people that made it happen. This 29-track soundtrack for the Sundance-winning documentary features a musical history of the movement, often highlighting powerful rallying cries of revolution. There’re songs from such well-known figures as Mariam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Abdullah Ibrahim, and South African star Vusi Mahlasela, as well as members of Pretoria Central Prison and chanting crowds from various town hall meetings. Unlike typical CDs, the singers, musicians, and performances are less important; it’s the premise that’s the key here, and this moving collection adeptly captures the South African people’s strength and resolve to win their battle for freedom. --Tad Hendrickson