Let It Be Jazz-Connie Evingson Sings the Beatles

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  1. Blackbird
  2. Wait
  3. The Night Before
  4. Can't Buy Me Love
  5. From Me to You
  6. Fixing a Hole
  7. When I'm 64
  8. I'm Looking Through You
  9. For No One
  10. I Will
  11. Oh! Darlin
  12. Got to Get You Into My Life
  13. Good Day Sunshine
Let It Be Jazz is jazz vocalist Connie Evingson's most enjoyable work to date. It certainly helps that the source material is the songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, but her willingness to venture beyond the usual "red album"/"blue album" fare gives some welcome exposure to such gems as "The Night Before" and "For No One" (both gorgeously accompanied by piano). Evingson seems utterly at home, gently swinging "From Me to You" and laying down a funky groove in "Fixing a Hole." Also fun is the playful instrumentation, which includes a sitar for "Blackbird" and a bandoneon for a delicious "When I'm 64" that seems to anticipate a joyous old age filled with tango and romance. --David Horiuchi