Killing Joke

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レーベル:Red Int / Red Ink
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  1. The Death & Resurrection Show
  2. Total Invasion
  3. Asteroid
  4. Implant
  5. Blood On Your Hands
  6. Loose Cannon
  7. You'll Never Get To Me
  8. Seeing Red
  9. Dark Forces
  10. The House That Pain Built
  11. Wardance (Bonus Track)
With Rage Against the Machine gone and most punk outfits wallowing in self-pity, 2003 is an ideal time for Killing Joke to reform. Though it's been seven years since 1996's Democracy, their protest music has lost none of its edge. Railing against the crushing power of massive conglomerates, the machinations of oil barons and corrupt governments, and the steady erosion of personal freedoms, Jaz Coleman's concerns have never been more relevant. If the bad guys don't get you, he opines during the driving, menacing "Asteroid," you might yet be vaporised by huge rocks from space. Musically, too, this Killing Joke lineup belies its collective years. Alongside Coleman stand original members Geordie and Youth, backed up by stalwart Raven and fierce stand-in drummer Dave Grohl. --Dominic Wills