In All Things

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  1. Chasing Rain
  2. Little Ditty
  3. High Places
  4. Wedding Day Jig
  5. Coyote Way
  6. Clog Medley
  7. Pointe Au Pic Medley
  8. Runaway
  9. I Want You To Know
  10. Gzowski Medley
Many will recall Leahy from such high-profile gigs as its tour with fellow Canadian Shania Twain in 1999 or the PBS special that airs during a pledge drives. As with its last album, Lakefield, the eight brothers and sisters mix Celtic, pop, country, rock and folk on In All Things, its third effort. Even though the band adeptly works within each genre, its strength is still traditional Celtic music where musicians are allowed to explore the nuance of ballad or the raucousness of a jig. One fusion the does work nicely is "I Want You To Know," which is a ballad that mixes pop vocals and Celtic reel violin. The over-the-top pop production of "High Places" and "Coyote Way," however, are problematic: the former has an airy Clannad-like gloss that's out of place on the album; the latter's production inexplicably has voices dropping in and out with near-mechanized precision. "Simplify and focus" would be a good mantra for the next album. -- Tad Hendrickson