Sound Concierge #403“Air-conditioning”Selected and Mixed by Tomoyuki Tanaka a.k.a.Fantastic Plastic Machine-for your long hot summer

その他 Fantastic Plastic Machine
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  1. Summersoft
  2. A Dream Goes On Forever
  3. Morning Spring
  4. Sunshower
  5. I Think Of You
  6. I Can’t Stand It
  7. Rene De Marie
  8. You Make Me Feel Brand New
  9. No,I Don’t Know Her
  10. Satan
  11. I Fall In Love Too Easily
  12. Night And Day
  13. Quero Alegria
  14. Dawn
  15. Close Your Eyes And Listen
  16. La Maison Du Cafe
  17. Full On Lady
  18. The Last Picture Show (Shifty Revamp Y2K+4)
  19. Bushes (Zero Valut Version)
  20. (エンハンスド)コンピューターの壁紙が収められています。

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