She Like Electric

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レーベル:Pattern 25 Records
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  1. Massive Cure
  2. It's Cold
  3. It's Not Your Day to Shine
  4. Rad
  5. Take it Away
  6. La Pump
  7. Pygmy Motorcycle
  8. About the Picture
  9. Bottlenose
  10. Make it Through
  11. I've Got My Own Problems to Fix
  12. The Quack
  13. To Walk Away From
  14. But Now I Know
Somewhat unfortunately, it’s impossible to access Smoosh’s arresting debut without taking into account the ages of the group’s two members at the time of its release: keyboardist/vocalist Asya is 12 and the drummer is her 10-year-old sister, Chloe. Try to get past the pre-teen status of the duo and listen to She Like Electric on its own terms and you’ll encounter a striking collection of 14 playful, adventurous, eclectic indie-pop originals. Recalling everything from Ben Folds to Quasi to a young Joni Mitchell, Asya exhibits talent that’s matched by considerable ambition as she glides through songs that draw on pop (the bouncy "It’s Not Your Day to Shine), punk ("La Pump"), hip-hop (the truly rad "RAD"), and, honestly, ‘70s No Wave (the shrill, screeching "Bottlenose"). Strikingly unselfconscious and inventive, and yet oddly mature, She Like Electric delights at every turn. --Steven Stolder

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